The unique thing about Homoeopathic Medicines is that except mother tinctures, most of the other medicines cannot be subjected to any testing in the Laboratories which means that the manufacturing process and the SOPs must be impeccable to ensure quality therefore the entire onus is on manufacturer. The SOPs and quality control parameters distinguishes a good company from an ordinary manufacturer. We have developed most stringent and employed most stringent SOPs and quality control parameters for all our medicines.

Brief Overview of Manufacturing processes.

• Mother Tinctures

Mother Tinctures are the starting point for most of the Homoeopathic preparations which are primarily made from herbs and it needs great amount of skill and in-house knowledge to procure and identify healthy and non-contaminated herbs. The herbs are subjected to physical, morphological and chemical testing for which modern equipment and technology like UV spectrophotometer, TLC & HPTLC are deployed. Thereafter purest Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and DM water is used to percolate or macerate the herbs to prepare Mother Tinctures. The infrastructure and manufacturing place must be contamination free for which AHUs and Hepa filters are deployed in the premises. The entire equipment used is of 316 grade stainless steel. During the process infrared moisture analyzer and hydraulic presses are used. Once the Mother Tincture is ready it is subjected to rigorous testing in Quality Control department by using TLC and/or HPTLC to confirm the requisite quality.


Dilutions are the backbone of Homoeopathy. Since the quantum of medicament is untraceable and undetectable, the process to manufacture it and the infrastructure deployed assumes critical importance.

To start with the manufacturing area must be with zero contamination therefore the hygiene conditions and air quality is paramount. We have deployed AHUs and HEPA filters to control environment. All equipment used is either of 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel. The core manufacturing area is provided with Laminar flow housing which maintains positive pressure with pure air to ensure zero contamination. Such infrastructure is costly and required deployment of highly qualified and skillful staff.

• Triturations and Tissue Remedies

Inorganic salts, compounds, glands and elements required for preparing triturations are sourced from Top quality companies. High quality lactose of HMS or Meggle (of Germany) is used. Automated triturators of 316 grade steel which are equipped with censors are used for triturating. The entire manufacturing area is contamination free and is controlled by AHUs and HEPA filters. Electronic sieves with censors are used in all machines to control Lactose dust during manufacturing process. Rapid Mixture Grinders, Fluid Bed dryers and rotary machines are used for preparing tablets. The packing line is fully automated and is devoid of human touch to avoid contamination. Tablets are subjected to stringent quality control testing to ensure proper DT, friability, hardness, weight variation before dispatching. Widest range of triturations and tissue remedies IS provided. ALL PATENT FORMULATIONS IN TABLETS ARE ALSO PREPARED IN SIMILAR CONDITIONS TO ENSURE WORLD CLASS QUALITY AND THERAPEURTIC EFFICACY.

• Liquid Formulations

All formulations are subjected to clinical trials before introducing them into the market. The entire manufacturing are is contamination free and the complete manufacturing chain is full automatic and no human touch is required till the bottles are sealed. DM water is used for washing the bottles in automatic machines and also for its use in formulations. Micro Biological testing is a standard QC parameter for every batch before its release.



The largest organ in a human body is skin. Healthy skin reflects the overall health of a person and also plays a key role in enhancing the feeling of wellbeing and confidence during social interactions therefore everybody yearns for healthy, radiant and beautiful skin more so on the face and visible organs like hands, feet etc. Similarly healthy hair significantly contribute towards overall appearance of a person and thus to his/her confidence.

Nature, the mother to all living entities on this planet offers solution to various problems related to health including that of skin and hairs. Homoeopathy being the natural science addresses all health related issues & offers lasting solutions for wellbeing of skin and hairs. At Lord’s we have delved deep to harness the nature’s resources and have designed several products for the wellbeing of skin and hairs. Our beauty products are proven clinically and are patronized pan INDIA.


The manufacturing process and equipment deployed is similar to that of triturations/ tissue remedies. All formulations are subjected to multicenter double blind clinical trials before introducing them into the market.


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