Mountain View Every human action starts with a thought, an idea, a vision, a mental image. From there it materializes into a form. The thought of producing international class Homoeopathic remedies to counter the high cost of German medicines, for which we were the leading importers before venturing into the production under the banner of Lord’s, was the underlying force which materialized in the form of Lord’s Homoeopathic Lab. Pvt. Ltd.

We're building on our legacy of hard work, diligence, dedication and success, by working relentlessly to enhance the value we commit to provide towards improving health and quality of life through Homoeopathy. Today society is facing several lifestyle related health problems which demands innovative health solutions to counter the physical and mental stress and wellness related problems. We strongly feel that Homoeopathy which primarily works on the principal of strengthening the immunity can offer potent solutions.

We feel the Homoeopathy industry in active collaboration with medical fraternity and regulatory authorities can work together to find new solutions. We strongly feel that government shall provide a clear road map for R&D related activities wherein industry shall be assigned a clear role which shall be commercially viable and be in the benefit of all stakeholders. The advent of programs like AYUSH from the government of India has provided an impetus to the whole of Homoeopathic Industry and has opened several new avenues to reach its customers and also educate many other people about HOMOEOPATHY and its benefits. “Roughly 10% of the Indian population is entirely dependent on Homoeopathy for their healthcare needs and is needed the 2nd most popular system of medicine in the country” (Ministry of AYUSH). The statistics point out that there are an enormous number of people which Homoeopathy as an industry serves to but also identifies the vast scope of work which we need to put in to bring Homoeopathy anywhere closer to the mainstream medicinal practices. With increasing awareness amongst the people worldwide and more countries accepting Homoeopathy as a beneficial and effective source of alternative medicine there is enormous potential in the industry.

After completing three decades in the industry as manufacturers of various homoeopathic remedies we are under the third phase of revitalizing the company. This year we have gone through tremendous amounts of internal restructuring in order to serve with the ever increasing demand of its faithful customers and the Homoeopathic industry. A comprehensive and modern approach will go a long way to develop Homoeopathy to all stakeholders and will eventually be beneficial to the mankind.

Rajneesh Chandan (PRESIDENT)

Mountain View George Vithoulkas, founder of international academy of classical Homoeopathy and widely regarded as one of the living maestro of classical homoeopathy, who graduated in Homoeopathy Science from Calcutta in 1966 and has practiced in several countries is on record to say that Homoeopathic is the future of the healthcare industry and is growing fastest in Indiansubcontinent where India is emerging as a intellectual centre for Homoeopathy. Govt. of India, through its deptt.of AYUSH has taken several initiatives to promote homoeopathy. Changing lifestyles and growing awareness to have side-effect free treatments has further augmented the shift of masses towards homoeopathy. It is predicted that Homoeopathy industry will double in size in next 5 years and shall be around 7000 cr. consequently all stock holders have immense responsibility to upgrade and gear up to meet the forthcoming challenges.

For manufacturer, this implies that upgradation of infrastructure and adoption of quality parameters will be cardinal not only for growth but also for sustainability. At Lord’s, it is our endeavor in excelling in quality to ensure world class standards in our products. The stringent SOP parameters in every process involved, right from procurement of rawmaterial and packing material to the total manufacturing processes and upto the end stage of customer care is given due importance diligently.

Another area of our focus is to introduce more and more new medicines (formulations) so that the emerging challenges in healthcare can be addressed too. Today we provide a vast range of solutions which cover extensive therapeutic segments and will strive further to add many more.

Customer care is paramount in our business model and every employee in Lord’s is highly sensitized to serve our customers.Avast network of channel partners and service providers in the field are stationed PAN India.

We shall continue to strive for the leadership status not only in the industry but as a customer driven company in the alternative system of healthcare in India.


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