• Bonnietone Syrup: A trusted Homeopathic tonic togain appetite and good health in babies

    Providingproper diet supplements and developing good diet habits in children is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that they go on to lead a healthy life, but most of the parents find themselves in a worrying situation when their children don’t have a normal growth or lack in health, majorly due to children’s meal skipping habits or due to their lack of hunger. As physical bodies of children are too delicate, these conditions can badly hamper their immune system and overall growth leading to loss of appetite and weakness. Continue reading

  • Homeopathy offers the right remedies for controlling both High and Low Blood Pressure

    In absence of blood pressure, the blood would not be able to circulate in the body, and so blood pressure which comes from pumping of heart is absolutely necessary for life. The problem starts when this pressure increases or lowers than average limit medically considered right. The normal average blood pressure is 120 mm systolic and 80 mm diastolic. Continue reading

  • HITE UP – The ideal medicine for optimal height growth

    Although being short in height is not a disease or a shortcoming in life but many perceive it as a limitation due to social pressure as they look at highlighting role of taller people in glamour and sports field and due to this, generally the short heighted people always remain tense for their short height.

    Short heightedchildren are many a times bullied at their school among same age friends, this leads to lack the confidence and so-on their overall development. Continue reading

  • Say no to acidity and heart burn and get a lasting relief through Lord’s Gastrolin Syrup and Tablets

    Medically speaking, acidity is a broad term that covers a set of unwanted symptomsmainly in gastro intestinal tract. The main symptom among these is a burning sensation in stomach, or right below your breastbone and this sensation is normally triggered off by consumption of spicy foods and improper digestion. In medical terminology, acidity is known as dyspepsia. Continue reading

  • Control hair fall, premature greying and dandruff with Lord’s Jaborandi oil

    Lord's Jaborandi Hair Oil

    It can be really low point in terms of self esteem having hair loss, baldness, premature greying of hair and presence of excessive dandruff, and there are so many people around the world with this condition and everyone with such condition definitely wants a permanent solution to overcome these body malfunctions. Continue reading

  • Make Your Heels Soft And Crack Free With Lord’s Pediclean Footcream


    According to an older belief, beauty, good health and persona of a person is judged by appearance and glow of heels, this shows the importance ofcrack free and soft heels and also vital importance of heel care. Continue reading

  • Get The Slim Trimbody You Deserve With EL-TRIM Drop


    Obesity should not be seen mere as a cosmetic issue because in reality it is a medical condition associated with illness and disability;this is why obese people yearn for weight loss.According to some high level study-analysis the population of obese people rose to several times to 641 million in year 2014 from 105 million in 1975.It was further found that, global obesity rates went up more than thrice for men rising to 11% in year 2014, which were mere 3.2% in year 1975, while among women obesity percent went up to 15% in year 2014 from 6.4% in year1975. These figures show the severity of prevalence of obesity. Continue reading

  • YLO Tab A Simple And Effective Homeopathy Remedy Over Constipation


    Constipation is always irritating and often person faces awkward moments due to uncertain bowel movements. According to a survey the prevalence of constipation is more among Indians than people in any part of the world.

    Although having constipation is usually not serious, but it is reason for great uneasiness which not only affects persons behavior and mood but also gets person’s mind occupied thus disturbing routine activities. Continue reading

  • Control Diabetes For Life Through Homeopathic With Dibo Kure Tablets



    Diabetes, a disease of metabolic disorder is getting highly prevalent especially in Indian society, these days millions hit search engine searching for Homeopathic medicine for Diabetes due to high prevalence and lack of complete cure through conventional medicine. Before finding a homeopathic medicine online it is better to know figures and facts related to diabetics. Continue reading

  • Breathe easy by effectively managing asthma with Lord's Asthamin Syrup


    instagram-bannerA huge population worldwide is suffering from asthma, alarming statistics from WHO like organisations show that , between 100 and 150 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and this population roughly equals to the total population of the Russian Federation , moreover this number is rising with each passing day. It is very unfortunate that, as many as 180,000 patients worldwide die annually out of this. Continue reading

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